YLC Brand Ambassador

YLC (Young Ladies Club) is a new innovative interactive club that seeks to empower young ladies in areas of: Entrepreneurship, Education, Careers and Personal Development. The club interacts with young women on a technological platform through Facebook and YouTube and also through social interactions such as events, seminars and inspirational talks.

The position of a brand ambassador is of repute and recognition.

What is a brand ambassador and what is her job?

The main objective of a brand ambassador will be to;

  • Inform consumers about the products or services offered by YLC and supervise them in a pursuit to a more empowering and embracing lifestyle.
  • You are the face of our brand; directly interacting with consumers on an everyday basis and meeting their demands.
  • You are required to build a customer preference forming YLC as their main contact in terms of personal development and networking.
  • You are to act as a representative in your educational institution or community on behalf of Young Ladies Club and support any activities or events taking place at your university.

What is expected?

As a Brand ambassador, you are expected to present YLC in a fashionable and respectful manner, from addressing to the dress code on events and when performing tasks, to noting minutes of every task completed and emailing a copy to your team leaders.

You are responsible for the actions carried out when on duty and the results received. You are there to help others strive for excellence, and will therefore require knowledge on the given subject or situation – if at any time you feel you are unable to be of assistance, help is available.

We are creating a platform for young women in all aspects of life; you are expected to assist in delivering this, as well as aiding in any future missions we may set out to strive.

What will you have to do?

  • Create brand awareness and positive impressions of the product by engaging consumers through sampling/distributing products and demonstrating service features.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring all brand ideas and missions are communicated effectively.
  • Accurately complete and timely submit paperwork and reports online; task minutes, research, event information and photos (if applicable).
  • Use social media to advertise, communicate and translate any ideas, events or personal development tasks we may set out for followers.
  • Brainstorm new and innovative ways to market the services provided, ensuring they reach a large diverse audience.
  • Responsible for introducing YLC in your institute, selecting adequate team members and successfully delegating tasks for an enhanced outcome.
  • Create direct links and network with other institutes, business moguls or enterprises, allowing for increased events, sponsorship and partnerships.
  • Organise regular meetings with other team leaders and ambassadors in your area to discuss concepts, future aspirations and affairs.
  • Have a determined attitude which is ready to help successfully change the lives of many women, and men, around the nation.

What are the benefits/perks?

Brand ambassadors progress by working regularly and going for assignments that have higher earnings, in regards to YLC this will be measured by productivity, sales and consumer responses. You will improve key skills and personally develop yourself, as well as others around you.

Brand ambassadors with leadership skills and the capability to effectively market and generate consumer interest may progress to other sales and marketing occupations, or a team leader position. You will be supporting the YLC national tour. We will also give you a full reference if used and indicate you as fully accountable for the performance of your division. We are also creating strong links with some of the top businesses globally such as Microsoft, Philip Kingsley, Nando’s, Champneys and other retailers; therefore having YLC in your CV will increase your employability chances greatly.

This is an opportunity not to be missed – be a part of this transformation and movement. Inspire yourself and others in a journey which is never ending, but the outcomes are never far from great.

How will we recruit you?

We will hold Brand Ambassador Induction days at a number of locations. You will also be required to complete an application form consisting of three questions, from which we will short list the best candidates and hold final interviews. The final candidates will be made into brand ambassadors.

Brand Ambassador Application Form

If you have any queries regarding the Ambassador Programme please feel free to email us: