Beyonce launched her new active wear brand IVY PARK in collaboration with Topshop owner Sir Philip Green. The active wear is named after Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, and with inspiration of the roman numerals, the IVY PARK collection consists of leggings, T-shirts, crop-tops, jackets created for fitness and also casual wear.

In true Beyonce style, the line has been made to make women feel confident and sexy when they’re working out. The line has over 200 pieces of clothing and accessories.

Sportswear has become a fashionable phenomenon and several celebrities such as Rihanna and Kylie Jenner have joined the wave by promoting their newest collaboration with Puma. The fitness wear trend is the go to trend for celebrities and has been classified as the new celebrity perfume.

The athleisure market (luxurious leisure wear) is now worth £4.5 billion in the UK. This is a staggering amount of money and is one of the reasons why big brands have opened up new sportswear departments for all shapes and sizes. Selfridges is opening a 37,000 sq ft space dedicated to bodywear, targeted at every shape. Nike was revealed last year as the most instagrammed fashion brand, with nearly 48 million hashtag mentions. This is more than twice of their competitors Prada.

The growth of the althleisure market indicates the need and desire to stay healthy and fit. The collaboration with the right kind of celebrities also help spread the message further afield to young girls who struggle with health and body image issues. Beyonce found it very depressing that up to 80% of girls give up sport at the age of 13. She hopes to reinvigorate body confidence amongst young girls and women everywhere.

Three cheers to Beyoncé!!!