The evening was buzzing; ladies flowed through the doors of the Holiday Inn Stratford Westfield. The High Heels Networking Night kicked off with a great start. Sincerely Oghosa took to the stage with her white fur coat and light blue ripped dreams. The ever so fashionable blogger spoke about her rise to fame on YouTube and her breakthrough video that amassed thousands of views on her channel. The video was based on her addiction to porn and how she overcame her addiction by strengthening her relationship with Jesus Christ. Her story was ever so touching and as the audience reflected she moved the conversation to the do’s and don’ts of starting a YouTube channel and some of the things potential vloggers should look out for. A very interesting point that Oghosa mentioned was monetising your views on YouTube which has paid off big time for successful YouTube bloggers; Patricia Bright and Shirley Eniang. There was a lot to learn from Oghosa and the ladies were eager to learn more about expanding their brands and businesses.


The next speaker who graced the High Heels platform was Yvonne J Douglas, Inspirational Speaker and Coach. Yvonne spoke about her powerful testimony in the form of a story which ultimately led to her healing emotionally and starting a business. Yvonne has published three powerful books which sold exceptionally well at the High Heels Networking Night, which indicates that YLC is a platform that deals with the internal as well as the external.


The next speaker was Teshna Farquharson YouTube fashion blogger. Teshna spoke with the audience about her passion for beauty and hair and her qualifications. Teshna spoke about her experience as a vlogger and some of the pitfalls that vloggers can get into, for example not consistently uploading content on YouTube. There were a number of ladies in the audience who had a great interest in beauty and fashion, and this was evident by the Q&A session with Teshna.


The last speaker of the night was Gina Obeng, founder of Just Geen. Gina sported a black fur bomber jacket, black trousers and fitted black boots. Gina’s look on the night resonated so well with her brand of health, wellness and strength. Gina spoke about her journey to starting up her growing brand and business Just Geen. She spoke about the doubters that were a part of her journey, and how she had to persevere through the doubts to keep her dream alive. Gina was met with great support from the attendees at High Heels Networking Night as she had expressed her nerves whilst speaking.