Mentor Application

The Mentoring programme seeks to successfully match mentors with mentees in order to help mentees;

  • Develop and manage their careers or career prospects
  • Develop their skills or learn new skills
  • Manage time, plan and prioritise work, set goals and action plans.
  • Offer appropriate advice and guidance in the area of personal development
  • Help new learners see the way ahead – progression opportunities
  • Assist with entrepreneurial ideas or activity
  • Provide support for individuals who might be isolated or lack support and self-confidence

Please complete the application form below in order for us to gather more information about yourself and successfully match you with a mentee.



  • (This might be from your professional or personal life, although it is not essential to have prior mentoring experience, this information will help us in our matching process)

  • If selected I will contribute to the Young Ladies Club mentoring scheme to the best of my ability and will at all times act with professional integrity and in accordance with the aims of the scheme. I will keep in regular contact with my mentee and the mentoring coordinator/ Young Ladies Club.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.