Met Gala


The Met Gala is one of the biggest and most high profile fashion events of the year, every year has a new theme and this year was fashion in an age of technology. The red carpet was full of celebrities that wore gowns reflecting the theme. Beyoncé wore a latex gown by Givenchy. Whilst Beyoncé looked amazing on the red carpet, some noticed that she was missing her wedding ring and her husband Jay Z.

Bey Latex

Katy Perry’s dress by Prada embodied the technology theme very well, the beautiful gown had embellishments featuring hardware and widgets including a Tamagotchi.

Katy Perry

Kylie Jenner also sparkled on the Red Carpet, the 18-year-old debuted a new chin-length bob that accentuated the reality star’s fine bone structure.

Kylie’s gown had strategic bars of metal covering some of her more intimate bits, while showcasing her waist, underboob, and part of her derriere. Kylie was joined by her mother Kris Jenner, who wore a black sequinned gown.

Kylie Jenner

Claire Danes was literally bell of the ball at the Met Gala and was dubbed the best dressed with her Zac Posen fibre optic dress. The dress was powered by 30 battery packs, and helped Claire beam throughout the Met Gala.