The term nude is often considered a staple colour in every woman’s wardrobe, but often described as beige with a pinkish undertone. Clearly alienating the true definition of the term “nude” which should be a representation of every woman’s skin tone. Christian Louboutin, famous maker of high end women’s shoe became a trending topic when he announced the expansion of his nude shoe range from five different shades to seven different shades.

Christian Louboutin first had the idea to expand his range of nude shoes when his team member made him realise that beige is not the only representation of nude. With a growing fan base of multicultural customers, Christian Louboutin felt that it was only right that he represent all women of all shades.

The announcement of the new range on Christian Louboutin’s  Instagram page was received very well, with many of the brands customers expressing their excitement and their gratitude for their inclusive approach.

Fashion Houses across the world have been criticised for their lack of diversity. The lack of diversity of models on the runway and also behind the scenes has contributed to many brands creating one shade of nude. A similar frustration has been met by brands such as Ade Hassan’s Nubian Skin which provides lingerie and skin tight hosiery for women of colour. The brand has had huge success since launching and officially provided Beyoncé and her dancers with all their underpinnings for the Formation Tour.


Nubian Skin’s success clearly highlights the need for diversity in the fashion industry, and considering that there are over 4.5 million non-white women in the UK alone, it is about time that more fashion labels open up their lines to women of different shades, colours and skin tones.