Our FAV read in the YLC office has to be Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso. No one could quite forget the social media explosion with this bright pink book and beautiful lady on the cover with short haircut to die for… It was so refreshing to finally SEE an empowering manual for women, particularly young women. Here are our top 5 tips from the book.


1. Seek out role models

Sophia Amoruso was determined to succeed and she had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Although she could not afford conferences or money to pay mentors when starting out in her business, she knew she could obtained the information online free of charge. She would listen to multiple speakers who started out in business like her and grew the business to multimillion dollar figures.


2. Be hands on

We have often heard this term used a lot amongst entrepreneurs and it is very true. In order to be a successful entrepreneur you must be hands on. When Sophia kicked off her business she got stuck into the heart of the business and was heavily involved in selecting vintage clothes for her E-Bay store. She also put to rest the nay-sayers and potential competitors on E-bay that wanted to bring her business down.


3. Use social media to your advantage

Honestly if you have a business without social media presence then you may as well stop mid-sentence and open up a social media account. Sophia made it very clear that social media helped grow her business. Essentially social media is marketing for FREE. Sophia used MySpace to launch her business, and then moved over to Facebook and then Instagram. Whatever tool or method works well for your business make sure you use it!


4. Hire your weaknesses and play to your strengths

We all have a weakness that’s what makes us humans. However if your weakness is affecting your business then it is time to hire your weakness. Popular entrepreneur Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx) coined this term and she found that it helped her tremendously in her business. Sophia had to hire quite a number of people to help her out in her businesses which she credits to business success to date.


5. Be your authentic self

Sophia Amoruso has always encouraged others to be themselves and she had lived by this rule throughout her business years. She expressed in the book that teachers would always want her to be something that she was not, or employers thought she was always weird or gross. No matter what people think about you, it is always important to remain true to yourself. This is golden rule number one. Xx