Meet Aileen Gilani, 24 year old entrepreneur and founder of The Luxury Student Ltd. The website is a platform to promote all products and services suitable to all students. Making the students life as convenient and stress free as possible. With careful budgeting, students can still have a luxury lifestyle at university. It also encourages recent graduates and current students to promote their start-up business on the website. The aim is for students to support students!

Aileen kicked off the Ladies in Business event on July 13th 2016 at the Club Workspace Clerkenwell. The event was full to the brim and attendees were waiting to be inspired and motivated. Aileen kicked off the session with some practical tips and advice to start a business. She encouraged ladies to find out what they love to do and stick with their passion, no matter the challenges that they faced. She also spoke about some of the mistakes that she made in business and how much her failures helped to shape her success. Aileen also felt the need to mention her support system and how vital it can be to a young entrepreneur. Aileen decided to commit her time, efforts and energy full time to her venture The Luxury Student which is a bold move, particularly since she has a degree in Law.

She completed her motivational talk with three key ingredients for every start up entrepreneur to follow;


  1. Be Persistent

In order to achieve your goals and dreams you have to stay persistent. There may be more no’s than yes’s when you first start your journey as an entrepreneur, but rejection is not final, it is possible to make it if you are persistent.


  1. Know your stuff

As an entrepreneur research and a good plan should go hand in hand. In order to build a successful company it is important to have a good understanding of the market that you are entering in to. Most businesses fail due to poor planning and poor execution so make sure you have a good plan!


  1. Network

Your network does determined your net worth, as an entrepreneur it is important to have a good network of individuals that you can learn from and also share your ideas with. No one is an island, so if you want to go far in life, go together (But with like-minded people).