Crime Prevention Programme

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Crime Prevention Programme

Our crime prevention programme aims to reduce and prevent violence amongst young women and also enable them to change their negative behaviour and mindsets. Our programme is delivered by youth workers and provides a blend of personal development workshops, creative arts, conflict resolution and motivational strategies.

We provide the following workshops;

1. Hope Alive Workshop

The hope alive workshop provides a range of positive focused activities and skills for young women such as;

  • Life skills
  • Keeping dreams alive
  • Creating positive belief systems
  • Enterprise and employability skills

2. Girls, Gangs and Consequences Workshop

The girls, gangs and consequences workshop provides a range of activities and learning sessions to help prevent young women from entering into gangs or exit gangs. Sessions and activities include;

  • Consequences of joining gangs
  • How to safely leave gangs
  • Knife crime and consequences
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy relationships

If your organisation is interested in hosting our programme for your group of young people please complete the form below