DBS check

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DBS check

Complete a DBS check

Before you are able to start volunteering with Young Ladies Club you will need to undergo a DBS check (criminal records check) by completing a short online application form (this will be sent to your email address)

Upon completion of the online application form, you will need to bring along 3 different ID documents to your training session.

Common forms of ID are: Passport, Driving Licence and a recent bank statement/utility bill. For a full list of the IDs we can accept click here.

DBS checks can normally take a few weeks to process therefore completing your DBS check as quickly as possible would be in your best interest once you receive instructions from us.

How do I get my ID verified?

Once you have completed your online DBS application please bring along your documents to your training session.

I currently have a DBS check; will Young Ladies Club accept it?

Young Ladies Club can accept external DBS checks that were not conducted by us, if they were conducted within the last six months, are enhanced and are valid for working with a child workforce.