Hooray for National Mentoring Day!

Hooray for National Mentoring Day!

National Mentoring day in the UK was a joyous day to remember as our organisation was part of the #UnexpectedMentor campaign launched by the Careers and Entreprise Company.

The purpose of the campaign was to inspire a larger pool of individuals to spend a small amount of time mentoring a young person. Mentoring can be extremely rewarding and help young people discover their hidden potential and change the way they see the world around them.

The #UnexpectedMentor post on social media had a social reach of 1.2 million people and the twitter feed had a reach of over 40K (Amazing!!)
We are always looking for #UnexpectedMentors if you would like to become a mentor complete our application form here.

For more details on the #UnexpectedMentor campaign visit: www.unexpectedmentor.co.uk

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