In order to prevent VAWG we have a range of workshops and services to support women and girls:

1. Girls Get Glowing Workshop

Our girls get glowing workshop, helps to prevent young women and girls from experiencing domestic abuse and controlling and coercive relationships.

The workshop covers the following;

  • Domestic Abuse and the Effects
    This workshop helps young women and girls identify when domestic abuse is happening in relationships and the effects of this.
  • Understanding healthy vs unhealthy relationships
    This workshop will enable young women and girls to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and more importantly spot the warning signs of violence within a relationship. The workshop will also explore boundaries in relationships and help young women learn how to set boundaries. Young women will also understand assertiveness and how it can be used within relationships.
  • Self awareness
    This workshop will help young women understand the tactics that abusers use to control and dominate. In addition young women will learn to develop their self awareness and self esteem.

2. Freedom Workshop

Our freedom workshop helps to support young women who are domestic abuse survivors. The workshop covers the following;

  • Confidence building
    This workshop will enable young women to move from fear to confidence. The workshop will help young women remove the fears that limit them in life and also help them focus on their goals and aspirations to start a journey of self-discovery.
  • Letting go of guilt and shame
    This workshop will help young women move past the guilt and shame that is often connected with victims of domestic abuse and violence. This workshop will help young women understand their feelings and identify ways for them to forgive and accept themselves.
  • Moving forward and recovery
    This workshop provides practical ways for young women to build the life they want. The workshop will feature employability trainers and financial trainers. The trainers will help young women develop employability and financial skills.
  • Mental health
    This workshop will help young women reinforce positive thinking habits and develop resilience in order to protect them from developing mental health problems. The workshop provides information, worksheets and quizzes to help young women work on their belief system (both positive and negative)